Step 1: Find out why

Watch the bonus webinar that will give you a deeper look into why we have to transform our mind, body and spirit to really make lasting change in our health and body. Most importantly to be able to do it with ease and not by forcing or punishing yourself. 


Step 4: Watch video #3

This video is all about self-love! The truth is that most of your problems with food really stem from how you feel about yourself, your body, or your life. Get ready to shift that after watching this video! 

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Step 2: Watch video #1

The first video in the series will give you an incredibly powerful tool that will alter the way you think about food. It's the way we think about food that makes us feel out of control, binge, or feel so guilty we eat more.  Get ready to transform your mindset!


Step 5: Do the assignments

Each video has a short assignment. The more often you can do the assignments the more powerful they become!  The benefits of these assignments won't end after just one week, they keep on giving! 

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Step 3: Watch video #2

The second video in the series is all about body image. This tool is one of the most powerful tools in my Mind, Body, Spirit Course. This tool help you feel more confident and elevate your mood. You will step away feeling happier in minutes!     

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Step 6: Watch the miracles happen!

As you begin to use the assignments over the next couple of days, weeks and months I can guarantee things will start to shift in profound ways. You'll feel more joyful, confident, in control, and free to be yourself!



* You're ready to dive a little bit deeper

You're tired of just learning about nutrition and what you're supposed to eat because it makes no difference in what you actually do!

*You're ready to feel comfortable in your own skin.  

You're sick of feeling insecure about your body. You know how much your body can ruin your day, night, or vacation and you're over it. You want to feel good, now!

*You're ready to try something different 

You've tried every diet, cleanse or shake program and you know it's not addressing the reasons you binge or emotionally eat. Most importantly you're ready to end those patterns!

*You want to feel confident

You're tired of being afraid to go after what you want. You're done letting food and your body stop you from being happy. 




Find out how your mindset is making you eat more and how to stop it and prevent it from happening. 

Learn how to love yourself and feel good enough with one simple practice. 

Recognize and stop your emotional eating or binge eating habits in their tracks.

Develop a deep sense of trust in yourself and the confidence to go move forward with love. 

Elevate your mood & learn a technique to worry less about what other's are thinking.

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Lastly, you get freedom, peace joy and happiness to eat, love and live freely!