Flower Essences

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Flower Essences


Each bottle contains a 3 week supply of the remedy. Cost includes shipping. There are no added shipping costs for deliveries in the U.S. 

Remedy #1: Crave Less supports your healthy eating habits by reducing: 

  • appetite 
  • hunger
  • emotional food cravings
  • compulsive and addictive behaviors

Remedy #2: Peace & Calm helps to overcome fear and anxiety by reducing symptoms of:

  • anxiety
  • oversensitivity 
  • overwhelm
  • overworking
  • impatience 
  • irritability 

* These holistic remedies have been created to help make a difference in these areas, however these remedies should not be used in place of or instead of medications prescribed by your health practitioner. Please consult a health practitioner if you plan to change any medications you currently take. 

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