7 Days of Food Freedom

Food Freedom Square Cover.jpg
Food Freedom Square Cover.jpg

7 Days of Food Freedom


For a limited time get our #1 best selling interactive journal for just $7! A step-by-step guide to break free from food obsession.

What to expect:

  •     Tips to stop overeating and mindless eating
  •     Uncover and stop your emotional eating triggers
  •     Master your cravings


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Day 1: Listen Your secret weapon to rev your metabolism.

Day 2: Pause The easiest way to stop overeating.

Day 3: Trust Master your Cravings

Day 4: Enjoy Stop using food for pleasure.

Day 5: Taste Make every meal a food-gasm (i.e. OMG, that was the best meal ever!)

Day 6: Nurture End your food addictions.

Day 7: Elevate VIP your foods choices. Hello foodie!