Do you want to stop restricting, dieting, counting calories or points all of the time?

Do you feel like you're always "falling off the wagon"?

Do you constantly find yourself analyzing what you should and shouldn't eat?

Or hear your "mom's voice" (or your own) constantly criticizing your food choices or body even when she's not around? 

Do you have uncontrollable cravings for foods that aren't nourishing to you?

Do you want to feel good about yourself and your body?


Then you're in the right place. You're probably thinking "I've tried everything and nothing has worked!"

I'll explain why... 


Most diet programs only focus on one thing... the food. 

But that never works or not forever....

You have to transform your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT to get the consistent and lasting change you desire. 

Let me share with you... 




Step 1:

Reprogram your mindset & end your cycles of binge, emotional, and stress eating. 

Step 2:

Relearn your body's language so you naturally crave nourishing foods. 


Step 3: 

Realign with your higher self, tap into you intuition for a life of grace and ease. 


WHy the Mind Body Spirit Method?

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* You'll get so much content! 

You'll get access to 36 + videos, tools, and resources to support you to transform your eating habits! 

* You'll have access to a Facebook Group

Along this journey we know you'll need support and to ask questions. That's what this Facebook group is for! 

* The Method focuses on more than just food. 

Most other programs out there only focus on what you should and shouldn't eat. Which I'm sure you've noticed doesn't work. Somehow you go from being on track and eating perfectly to binge eating junk food over and over again. This program will help you identify why that keeps happening and give you the tools to stop it in the future. In fact, most find after participating that they don't even enjoy or crave the junk food they once loved almost immediately. 



Naturally crave nourishing foods without having to give up your favorites. 

#1: Naturally crave nourishing foods without giving up your favorites. 

You'll learn how to eat without feeling guilty and enjoy your food. You'll develop the ability to eat dessert (or any food) without "overdoing it". You'll learn nutrition upgrades that will satisfy your taste buds without feeling like you're missing out.

#2: Stop emotional eating and binge eating.

You'll learn what triggers your emotional and binge eating habits and how to stop them. Identify what your cravings are really telling you and how to give your body exactly what it needs for optimum health. You'll even learn how to identify your own nutritional deficiencies. 

#3: Eat and live without having to use will power or control.

You'll learn to eat mindfully and listen to your natural body cues to boost your metabolism, identify and overcome barriers sticking to a healthy routine and stop thinking patterns that have you sabotage your good habits. 

#4: Love Your Body & Yourself

You'll stop letting the way you feel about your body ruin your night out or your vacation. You'll learn to love your body without getting resigned and giving up. You'll develop daily rituals that makes your body feel best and learn how to create an exercise routine you love. 

#5: Feel more balanced, calm, and in control.

You'll learn how to reduce your stress and anxiety levels  that cause you to over eat, binge eat or emotionally eat. You'll learn to communicate in a way that has your relationships flow with ease and prevent emotional eating. 

#6: Increase your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-trust.

You'll finally feel like you know your worth. You'll learn to surrender and tap into your intuition and approach life with grace instead of forcing it to happen. You'll have the courage to move forward to all of those things you've wanted to do, but have never done! 



What's Included:

*16 life-changing modules + 4 bonus modules 

Bonus modules include: Hormones & Eating Habits, Visualizing Success, Energy & Alignment, Manifesting Changes in Your Body

*Lifetime Access to handouts, assignments and videos

* Access to an exclusive Facebook Group for women in this program

Here's what the course will cover: 

Body awareness and body image:

  • Identifying what your food cravings are really saying & how to stop them
  • How to eat what you want and honor your health & body at the same time
  • Reigniting your love for exercise
  • How to listen to your body to eat instead of dieting
  • Finding your worth outside of your body
  • Changing your expectations & perceptions of your body
  • How to treat your body with respect even if you don't love it
  • How to accept your body and have goals at the same time 
  • Identify & recreate your negative story about your body and yourself 
  • Ending your comparisonitis and your judgement of yourself and others
  • Social Media & it's impact on you
  • Self Love & Self - Appreciation. How to make it a habit. 
  • Stress, overwhelm & why you criticize at your bodies and how to stop it
  • Noticing patterns of your body bashing so you can end it. 
  • Moving past people's negative comments about your body

Mindset & intuitive eating: 

  • When you stopped trusting your body 
  • How to trust your intuition with food 
  • Learn why food rules are sabotaging your eating habits
  • How restriction, deprivation is impacting your metabolism & your emotions
  • Reactive Eating, Binge Eating & Rebound Eating: Tools to stop them. 
  • Freeing yourself from food & Getting control of your habits
  • Internal and External Food Police that impact your eating habits 
  •  How to transform the negative thoughts that impact your eating habits
  • Identifying your eating archetype
  • Identifying your emotional eating triggers & how to impact it 
  • Self-care, how to stop letting being a super woman & a people pleaser impact your eating
  • How to stop emotionally eating 
  • Self-love & stopping the critical self-talk


Self-worth, spirituality & managing your energy: 

  • Where are we disconnecting from our higher self intuition 
  • Identify how to create a spiritual practice that supports your well-being
  • How to not take on the energy of the people around you
  • How to move past guilt, shame & raise our energetic vibration
  • How to tap into your intuition to make decisions




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