The MIND BODy SPirit Method

Coaches Training PROGRAM


4 Month Program beginning end of September 2017


Do you have clients who need support with emotional eating or binge eating?

Are you interested in being able to help your clients have a better body image whether they lose weight or not?

Would you like to have the training necessary to support clients with disordered eating?

Are you ready to make a bigger difference in the world than helping people eat nutritiously? 


If your answer is YES! then keep reading!  

As a part of this program you will learn: 


The 12 Intuitive Eating Principles 

How to support clients with emotional eating, binge eating, and yo-yo dieting.

How to help your clients love their bodies whether they lose weight or not. 

How to provide guidance and coach participants to create consistent breakthroughs on their own.

The importance of spirituality and your clients' relationships to food. 

The emotional & spiritual connection to weight-related diseases. 

How to transform your clients mindset and produce results in all areas of their lives. 

To Help Your Clients Build Their self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-trust 


The program is split into 3 parts: 

mind 2.jpg

Part 1: 

4 weeks (4-60 minute video calls)

You will learn how to help your clients: 

  • Stop thinking patterns that sabotage their good behaviors. 
  • Stop emotional eating and binge eating
  • Transform their mindset when it comes to food. 
  • Identify and overcome barriers sticking to a plan. 
  • Heal their relationship with themselves and their bodies to stop emotionally eating.
  • Be able to eat without feeling guilty and their food
  • Eat dessert without "overdoing it".

Part 2:

4 weeks (4-60 minute video calls)

You will learn how to help your clients:

  • Learn to eat mindfully. 
  • Love their body without getting resigned and giving up. 
  • Learn how to listen to their natural body cues to boost your metabolism. 
  • Learn to naturally crave nourishing foods
  • Learn how to identify their own nutritional deficiencies 
  • Find the right type of exercise for them. 
  • Learn nutrition upgrades that will satisfy their taste buds without restricting or feeling like their missing out. 
spirit 2.jpg

Part 3: 

4 weeks (4-60 minute video calls)

You will learn how to help your clients: 

  • Clear limiting beliefs that keep them from losing weight. 
  • Uncover and clear past experiences that have them hold onto weight. 
  • Learn to communicate in a way that has their relationships flow with ease and prevent emotional eating. 
  • Learn to move energy and reduce stress that previously caused emotional eating. 
  • Connect to their true purpose and how incredible they are.  

The next program begins in April 2017


You'll be meeting via video conference call for an 60 minutes (video is not necessary, but a lot more fun!).  Each call will be recorded for your convenience and you will be granted access to a private Facebook group so that you can connect to the other coaches.  All details will be sent to you once you register.


Each part of the program consists of:

*12-60 minute training video calls -Value $1,500

Each call has 45 minutes of content and 15 minutes of Q&A

*2-60 minute Q&A calls at the end of the program for support implementing the Method - Value $300

*Power Point slides, handouts, assignments for your clients to customize for your brand- Value $500

*Meal Time Audio Guide Meditation





4 payments of $500


 Pay in full and receive a 20% discount for a total of $1600


Coach and Client Testimonials


Coach Testimonial:

I had the privilege of being trained by Marisa in Intuitive Eating. As a personal trainer I am looking for different ways to help my clients achieve optimal success. I know that movement and nutrition are key, but that mindset makes a huge difference in the implementation of all of their health goals, and achieving a lasting effect. Intuitive Eating as taught by Marisa helped me create a program I could deliver to my clients to have success in their health goals and create a sustainable lifestyle that transforms their thinking and creates results for a lifetime. - Theresia

Theresia Client Testimonial:

I used to exercise just to burn calories, I evaluated my day based on how well I did with eating, and was more concerned about what people thought about my food choices, than thinking about what I really wanted. Since working with Theresia I have found freedom! I exercise to feel good, have energy and I enjoy it. Food is pleasurable to me, and I choose foods that give me energy. I don’t emotionally eat anymore. I have lost 10 pounds in the process, am sticking up for my needs and even landed the job of my dreams!!
~ E. E.