Journal Prompts: Moments of Personal Reflection and Self-Discovery

1. What is one contribution I would like to make to the world today? Who would it touch? How would it make them feel? How would it make me feel?

2. What am I grateful for today?

3. What are the unfinished projects that are controlling my mind and keeping me from focusing on the present? (cluttered closets, messy room, dirty car, unorganized paperwork, unkept promises, etc.) What are the action steps that I can take to resolve these unfinished projects?

4. Write a letter to someone I have an unresolved issue with. (Create the space to release the emotions you are still grasping onto.)

5. What is the most touching compliment I have ever received? Who said it? Why did it make me feel so wonderful? Write them a thank you note.

6. What are the top 8 accomplishments I have made in my life so far? (Be proud of yourself!)

7. Who are the 5 people I spend the most time with?  What do they bring into my life? Do they inspire me or do they drain me? Who are some people I would love to be positively influenced by? How can I spend more time with these people?

8. List 10 things I enjoy doing. (kayaking, swimming, going to a play, rock-climbing, bike-riding, yoga, camping, reading, etc.) When was the last time I allowed myself to do these things?  Pick 3 and set a date to do them!

9. What do I secretly yearn for?

10. What are the 5 activities I spend the most time doing every week? Which of these do I do because I want to and which do I do because I should?