intuitive Eating Group Coaching Program

Have you tried budgets, systems and structures to help you make more money, but find yourself unable to tap into the abundance you desire?

Do you find yourself working HARDER but STILL not making the amount of money you want?

Do you say "NO" to the things you really want to have and do because you don't have the funds you need?

In just 8 weeks you'll tap into your true capacity to create abundance in your life!

What is "Mastering the Energetics of Money" all about?

All of us have an innate ability to create and experience the abundance that this life has to offer, but as human beings living in the 3rd dimension we've cut off our ability to access it.  This program is designed for you to access the energy of abundance, clear the blocks standing in your way of having everything you want, and attract more money to you with TOTAL EASE!

There is an EASE and FLOW available to you that if you access it and allow it will create all the wealth you desire.  Are you READY?

"Since following Tamara's coaching my income has nearly doubled. Her advice is always charismatic and inventive and she supports and draws out the gold in you. She's an extraordinary listener full of intuition, intelligence and love."  -Aria R., Los Angeles, CA

Learn to work less and enjoy more abundance than you've ever thought possible by mastering these elements.

  1. YOUR ENERGETIC FREQUENCY:  Abundance comes to you easily and with velocity when you are in vibrating at the highest frequency possible.  Have you ever noticed that for some, it seems like they were born with the golden horseshoe, and everything comes so easy for them.  Have you ever thought, "wow I wish I could be like her, she has no money problems." The only difference between her and you is that she operates at a different frequency than you.  By learning the simple techniques to consistently be in this high vibrational state, you will tap into the magic of attracting WHATEVER YOU WANT, especially money!
  2. CLEARING THE BLOCKS:  We're born into a culture that says you have to "WORK HARD" to make money, that when you have "MORE MONEY" you'll have "MORE PROBLEMS," and that money and material possessions should never be your focus.  These limiting ways of being have been energetically absorbed by us.  You may even be carrying around lifetimes of poverty and/or struggle from your lineage.  If these energetic implants are running your life, there will be NO WAY for you to overcome them, unless you clear the energy surrounding it.  For the 8 weeks, Tamara will focus her efforts on clearing all the energetic blocks from yourself, your heritage, your lineage and our culture that keep you in a poverty mindset and receiving the abundance that is your birthright.
  3. MONEY MAGIC:  Magic happens in the chaos of our well laid plans.  Would you be willing to not have it all figured out?  Would you be okay with receiving in ways you've never received before?  Would you be willing to grow your intuitive gifts to make more money than you every have?  Creating Money Magic happens when you are aligned in the infinite, and usually has nothing to do with YOUR PLAN.  Aligning in source energy give you access to creating magic at EVERY moment of your life.

Call Schedule and Details:

All Calls will be scheduled on Wednesdays at 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST.

November Calls: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 30th

December Calls: 14th, 21st

(we'll have 6 calls total scheduled over 8 weeks)

You'll be meeting via audio conference call for an 1.5 hours.  Each call will be recorded for your convenience and you will be granted access to a private Facebook group so that you can connect to the other participants.  All details will be sent to you once you register.

What's the cost of the program?

    • An 1.5 hour clearing session with Tamara is $275.
    • 6 of those would cost you $1,650

However the biggest benefits to working in groups is being able to do work that benefits ALL.

Total investment for you is ONLY 3 payments of $198 or receive a 20% discount if you pay in full for $497. 




First 5 people to register get a FREE 60 min personalized energy clearing session with Tamara (WOW that's a $250 value!)

During this Program you will:

  • Learn to follow the "money trail" so that you can create MORE money with TOTAL EASE
  • HEAL your relationship to money so that you create an energetic partnership.
  • Clear the energy that's been keeping you locked into a poverty "NOT ENOUGH" mindset.
  • Tap into the ABUNDANT flow of money instead of the "yo yo" experience of sometimes having it and sometimes not.
  • Experience your naturaly ability to create ABUNDANCE and wealth.
  • Expand your ability to receive the money you've been asking for.
  • Access your ability to create and/or produce more money with ease and velocity, instead of by force (how most of us have been trained).


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