Step 1: Morning Activity

Download and start reading Day 1 in the morning (it's just a couple pages). Read the day's mantra and do the morning activity. Complete steps 2 and 3 and begin again with the next day's topic. 

Step 2: During the Day

Follow the instructions and bring awareness to the day's topic during the day. Set a reminder to repeat the day's mantra. P.S. it doesn't take a lot of time, so don't worry! This is meant to be simple. 

Step 3: Evening Reflection

Do the evening activity and reflect on your day and notice what you discovered during the day's activity. Move on to the next day or repeat that day if you feel like you need to!     

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Why This Interactive Journal?

* You're looking for something different 

There are a lot of nutrition experts and health coaches out there that claim to have the magic pill. The thing, that if you do it, will make all the difference. How can that be?!? Well it can't, what works for one person may not work for you. We are all different, so the best thing you can do is focus on listening to your own body and this journal will show you how!

*Food controls your life and restricting makes it worse

You can't stop thinking about food and being on a "diet" or an eating plan makes it way worse. The thought of not being able to have something, instantly makes it show up everywhere and there's no way you can resist the temptation. Why? Your mind is powerful and it's getting the best of you! This little journal will show you a new way to look at food. 

*You've tried it all and you can't stick with it. 

You've tried all the health trends out there and you can't seem to stick with it. You can do it for a while, but somehow you always end up falling off the wagon.  This journal will give you a hint as to why this is happening and how to prevent it! You'll gain a number of value tools that will help you tap into what's been stopping you from being able to stay on track and what to do about it. 

*You're tired of feeling guilty for not eating perfectly

You feel awful when you get off track! So awful you end up over-indulging for days when you fall off the wagon. This little journal will show you how to transition those negative thoughts and keep them from sabotaging your eating habits when on "unhealthy" meal turns into a week of overeating. 




Identify what your food cravings are really telling you and how to stop them. 

Learn how to listen to your hunger to rev up your metabolism and stop over eating. 

Develop a healthy relationship with food.                               

Find out why you're overeating and how to enjoy food without overdoing it. 

Develop a daily routine to uncover and stop your emotional eating triggers. 

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Discover how to eat nourishing foods without feeling like you're restricting yourself or giving anything up. 

The 7 Days of Freedom is a must-have! I have been using this interactive journal repeatedly for over two years - for the moments when I feel like I need to refresh and reset as well as for those moments when I want to dig even deeper on my intuitive eating journey! In addition to the incredible facts and information about food and our eating habits, I love that this journal starts with daily intentions and mantras to help us to remember to love and be patient with ourselves! I highly recommend this journal to anyone who is seeking food freedom!
— Ashley
I think this book is incredibly valuable! I definitely learned a lot AND it was helpful with my eating!
— Jessie

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