Meditation 101: 

Your simple and doable intro to meditation. Inside is a toolbox with all you need to start your mediation practice today! Make no mistake, this will change your life forever.


Crush Your Cravings:

With this unique guide, you will finally learn how to decode and understand your cravings - allowing you to crush them for good! Say good-bye to the days of emotional, mindless and over eating with this easy to follow guide.


Institute for Integrative Nutrition:

It's your time to shine! Do work you love by becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the world's largest nutrition school. If you want to learn more about this life-changing program, click here. We also have a bonus inside to give you big savings on your IIN tuition!


5-Day Challenge:

In this 5-day video challenge, you will be given our exclusive how-to's of creating a life you truly love from the inside out. From self-love, to life's purpose, all the way to relationships, this challenge is exactly what you've been looking for to jumpstart your path to wellness!


Stress-Relieving Series:

Think post-spa day kind of feeling: calm, relaxed and totally blissed out! That's what you will experience after this self-pampering stress-relieving series. This five part video series will become your self-love essential!


Love The Way You Eat Food Journal:

 If you're ready to fall in love with the way you eat and only eat the foods you truly love, look no further! This revolutionary food journal is the key to discovering how to eat from a place of love and finally ditch the daunting diet mentality forever. No more food guilt for you, beautiful!