Step 1: Sign up

Sign up and you'll be invited to join an exclusive Facebook group of amazing women just like you!                                


Step 2: Attend LIVE workshops 

Each month you'll get members only access to three LIVE workshops. Two with me and one by an amazing guest speaker. If you can't make it LIVE, you can watch later! 

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Step 3: Use the tools

Use the tools and all of the information you get and ELEVATE YOUR INNER LIGHT!                                    


Why Elevate Your Inner Light?


* You'll transform your life one month at a time. 

This monthly membership subscription series is designed for you to light up your life; to live full of love, joy, happiness, and have every area of your life radiate! You don't have to spend a whole weekend away or pay exuberant amounts of money to get the empowerment you need.              

* You'll create miracles in every area of life.  

Each month, I'll be talking about topics that will bring you closer to having your dream job, meeting your soulmate and feeling confident and beautiful! 


* It's affordable.

It's only $11.11 a month!  You might wonder why? I don't want any woman to be without the support she needs to live an amazing life. The best part is you can join or end your subscription at any time!                  

* You can ask questions and get exactly what you want.

We'll cover a variety of topics from health to spirituality; a few examples: attracting love, nutrition, money, manifestation, dating, relationships, confidence, cooking & more! You'll also have an opportunity to suggest topics you'd like to hear about. 


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*You'll have an amazing support group of other women who are also elevating their inner light to share with and to support you along the way. 


*You can watch, participate, and ask questions from anywhere in the world; from your mobile phone or computer. 


*You'll get access to my favorite tools, free gifts, special offers and more. (Who doesn't like free gifts?)