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eat for love course
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What to expect:

It's everything you could possibly need in your life all wrapped up into 12 weeks. This course is all about taking simple steps and making little changes that result in dramatic breakthroughs that will change your eating habits and life forever. 

This is not a fad diet, a temporary sugar detox or cleanse where you suffer for 2 weeks and see results that maybe last for a month. This program is simple, fun and the changes you experience will never end. At the end of the 12 weeks you will feel happier, sexier, confident, and full of energy to create a life you love.

We are here to help women around the world free themselves from food restriction, guilt and fear. Through our various programs, including this one, we support women to end their emotional eating forever and never binge again. 

eat for love course

Keep reading below to find out if this is the program you've been waiting for. If you want to know more, we will be offering discovery calls to answer any questions you might have and help you decide if this program is the perfect fit for you. 

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Why transform your relationship with food?

We’ve designed this program so that you experience long lasting change. After just three months, the difference you will experience in the way you eat and how you feel about yourself will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

eat for love online course
eat for love course

The benefits:



  • Throughout this course you will learn to eat the foods your body truly craves and in turn you will feel better, look better and love better. By the end of the course, we guarantee that your self-love meter will sky-rocket and you will finally feel sexy inside and out!


  • The way we feed ourselves is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves. When we learn to trust ourselves with food again, we regain confidence and happiness in all areas of our life.


  • End the feeling of failure every time you don't stick to a diet


  • Experiment with food to discover which foods are best for you without missing out on the foods you crave


  • No need to sort through contradictory information about dieting ever again! You will learn a sustainable way of eating that will last a lifetime.


  • You will put an end to emotional eating, binge eating and overeating.


  • You will no longer experience fear, guilt or resentment about eating.


  • You can also expect to experience improved mood, clearer skin, weight loss, increased energy and reduced stress.
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How it works:

The program is only 12 weeks and promises to cause a lifetime of change! As soon as you say yes, you will get instant access to all 12 modules so you can hit the ground running. Each module is broken down into small, easily digestible video lessons. We’ll provide you with really simple and easy handouts and exercises to implement the module’s lessons into your life. We will have three live Q&A sessions where we answer all your questions about the lessons, talk about what you have discovered and provide coaching to people on the call.  We will also pop into your inbox every Wednesday with a new video in which we will address common questions and concerns right when you need it most. You will be completely supported every step of the way, gorgeous! You’ll have unlimited 24/7 access to ask questions via email or Facebook. You’ll also have a group of extraordinary women like yourself to support you in our Private Member's Only Facebook Page!


The difference:

 Every year some health guru creates a new diet and the list of foods you should and shouldn’t eat grows exponentially. You are constantly being thrown contradictory information about what is good for you and for many it doesn’t make a difference in your health, your energy, or help you feel good about yourself. Yet, all the time you're forced to take a look at your diet and restrict and change what you’re eating.

eat for love course
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What's included:


A sneak peak inside...

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  • Weekly Video Content (you can watch at your own convenience) 
  • Live Q&A calls with Hannah & Marisa
  • Group Support from our members-only Facebook group
  • Weekly emails to keep you on track
  • Lifelong access to program materials (videos, recordings, handouts) on our members-only site
  • 24/7 email access for any questions you might have during the course.

Module 1: Letting Go of the Past

  • Give up feeling guilty about your past experiences with food, love, and yourself and start fresh with excitement and motivation. 

Module 2: Quitting Your Diet Forever

  • Learn why your diet isn't working for you, how your rules and restrictions are making things worse and what to do about it. 

Module 3: Listening to Your Hunger and Fullness Cues

  • Trust yourself again. Re-learn your body's language and develop your mind body connection. 

Module 4: Taking Care of Your Needs

  • Love yourself again. Learn how avoiding taking care of yourself is impacting your weight and health and how to make it part of your life. 

Module 5: Giving up Your Battle with Food

  • End using food as a punishment or a reward. 

Module 6: Challenging the Food Bully and the Relationship Bully

  • Learn to set boundaries. Stop letting your expectations or other's expectations about food or love keep you from being happy. 

Module 7a: Get Moving - Feel the Difference

  • Learn to build an exercise routine that you enjoy and actually sticks. 

Module 7b: Eating Exactly What You Love 

  • Eat foods that delight your senses and satisfy your biological needs. 

Module 8: Coping with Your Emotions without Using Food

  • Key strategies to keep your emotions from sabotaging your eating habits. 

Module 9: Respecting Your Body and Yourself

  • Elevate the level of respect and love you expect from yourself and others. 

Module 10: Honoring Your Health - Gentle Nutrition

  • Learn and discover the impact of food quality on your body. 

Module 11: Confidence and Action

  • Build your confidence and learn a series of tools to always stay in action in every area of your life. 

Module 12: Love, Life and What's Next

  • How to put everything together to create the life of your dreams. 
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Should you do this course?

  • Have you experienced weight loss on a diet and immediately gained it all back?
  • Are you sick of being on diet after diet?
  • Are you ready to enjoy food and life?
  • Are you ready to stop restricting your diet?
  • Are you ready to stop dieting and embrace a sustainable healthy lifestyle?
  • Are you ready to feel confident, beautiful, and happy?
  • Are you ready to stop feeling guilty about eating something delicious?

Concerns you may have:

That wouldn’t work for me I can’t trust myself with food. This is the true value of this program. None of us began this process without eating too much, feeling guilty about eating, or eating with our emotions. That is exactly what you will do here - learn to listen to your body so you’re eating exactly what’s right for you.

I have certain food allergies and sensitivities. This method still works for those who have certain foods that bother them. Unlike any diet, there are no foods that you have to or can’t eat, so you get to choose what makes you feel good. In this course you will get to narrow down the foods you have sensitivities to by experimenting. In the end you’ll identify the very specific foods you can avoid to feel your best and expand the foods you can enjoy.

I’m not sure I have time. This program is designed for the busy woman. The activities are simple, the weekly content is short, and you can do everything at your own convenience, including listening to the Q&A recordings.  In fact, we guarantee that by the end of the program you will have more energy and be more productive than you are in this very moment.

I’m not sure I have the money. You are worth the price of the program and deserve to do something for yourself. Let this be what you do for yourself this summer because you deserve to enjoy life, be happy, and live a life you love.

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