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The mission of Divine is to create an experience that alters the way you eat and think about food. 

One that combines the concepts of intuitive eating, mindfulness and food is medicine, while sitting at a table among friends.  

All food served is farm-to-table and prepared from scratch by Chef Taylor Allen.

Each course served is nutrient dense, yet boasts exquisite flavors that tantalize the taste buds.

Marisa Molina, the event curator leads you through a series of experiences that enhance your experience of eating and cultivate a new appreciation for food and your body. 

Join us for a unique dining experience of exquisite and enlightening food, cocktails and conversations! 


Dinner at Vin De Syrah

Join the San Diego Supper Club for a magical evening at Vin De Syrah.

On Thursday September 21st, So Diego Tours is bringing together 3 of San Diego's best to create an unforgettable dining experience showcasing the culinary & beverage arts of San Diego.

Enjoy a 3-course guided meal of exquisite and enlightening food and cocktails by two of San Diego Food Industry's best. The evenings dishes and libations will play off the Alice & Wonderland theme of this subterranean wine bar. Each course will be paired with a unique cocktail created for this evening only.

Get a behind the scenes look at the decor and history of one of San Diego's most beautifully decorated wine bars; designed by the celebrated local designer, Michael Soriano.

During the meal, you'll get an insiders perspective on how the chef designs and prepares each dish. With each course, we'll play with testing your tastebuds and enhancing your senses so you experience food like you never have before.

Following dinner, there will be live music from 9:00-11:00pm.

** The evening's menu is a surprise, but please notify us upon purchasing your ticket if you have any food allergies or preferences we need to accommodate. We are happy to do so.


Chef Taylor Allen is the owner and founder of Gut Goods located in San Diego. She has extensive culinary experience with a specific focus on ancestral cuisine and specializes in the GAPS protocol (Gut and Psychology Syndrome). In the past, a large part of her business was providing therapeutic dietary interventions to heal depression and anxiety. Over the last year, she's been the primary chef for San Diego's Divine Dinner Series where she plays with flavors & textures to delight the senses of attendees with nutrient dense food. Currently, she is also a cook at San Diego's newest restaurant, Lionfish.



Steven Tuttle is the Bar Manager at Kettner Exchange. He was trained under NYC greats Sam Ross (Milk & Honey / Attaboy) and Phil Ward (Death & Company / Mayahuel). In San Diego, Steven worked at Craft & Commerce during the time it was named one of the Top 50 Bars in the US by Food & Wine Magazine, as well as nominated at Tales of the Cocktail for best High Volume Bar. His work has been featured in multiple local publications, including Thrillist and Locale Magazine. He was featured bartender on the Food & Wine Classic Website. Steven assisted in staff training at Ironside Fish & Oyster and was most recently GM at El Dorado.



Marisa is the hostess of the evening and will lead you through your guided dinner experience. She is the creator of the Divine Dinner Series, a dining experience that combines the concepts of intutive eating, mindfulness, and food is medicine, while sitting at a table among friends. Her dinners are known for their englightening experience bringing together delicious nutrient dense food, good conversations and unique activities to enhance your sensory perception of food.



San Diego Tours is one of San Diego’s top tour companies specializing in food and drink tours. Their local expertise and extensive network allows for them to plan unique, one-of-a-kind experiences for groups and VIPs who visit and reside in San Diego. Their mission is to inspire people to get to know the city, the people, culture, and flavors on a deeper level – leaving guests enlightened, educated, satisfied and happy.


Chef Taylor Allen is the owner and founder of Gut Goods located in San Diego. She has extensive culinary experience with a specific focus on ancestral cuisine and specializes in the GAPS protocol (Gut and Psychology Syndrome). In the past, a large part of her business was providing therapeutic dietary interventions to heal depression and anxiety. To see some of her food check out @gutgoods on Instagram, her food is more than impressive. 



Thank you Hello Beautiful Health for demonstrating and teaching us what it means to really be present with food, to truly taste and enjoy, and to appreciate the work and love that goes into preparing a meal eliminating any programmed negative bias you have toward eating. Most importantly, using meal time to connect with Self and others! ❤ can’t wait for the next Divine Dinner!
— Stacey
I am Sooo impressed by your dinner party. I came in with no expectations, and left with THAT much more appreciation for food and the way I enjoy it - with people, the senses, and for nutrients. I’m so inspired to help you on your successful journey, and couldn’t thank you enough for sharing your gifts with the world!
— Bianca
This event was unlike any other. It was intimate, sophisticated and so much fun. I met a lot of amazing women as we experienced food for what felt like the first time. We were able to consciously eat and really think about what we were putting into our bodies. It definitely felt empowering. What an amazing day yesterday was.
— Ashley
Sharing openly with other incredible women was the highlight of the event. For the first time in a long time, I was able to truly enjoy my meal without guilt or anxiety, and I was able to listen to when my body felt done. These dinners are a transformative experience where I learned I am not alone in my struggle with food and confidence. I can’t wait for the next event and the one after that... The love we have for ourselves can only continue to grow!
— Alison
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Being part of Hello Beautiful Health’s Divine Dinner Series has reminded me of the power that women have in their hearts, mind and body. In addition, it was certainly a life changing experience. Being obese/overweight my entire childhood and even the beginning of my graduate school years, food was my one obsession. It was the item I used to protect myself from others, to let all my fears, worries and anxiety go away. During those years food was my best friend the one I know would not fail and would never judge me. I learned I wasn’t really enjoying food to fuel my body I was using food to fool myself and hide my problems. As time went by, I was certainly damaging myself when I had reached a weight my legs and knees couldn’t handle. At the end of graduate school, I knew I certainly needed to fix my relationship with food to one where there was harmony, balance and fun. Being a part of Hello Beautiful Health was that reminder for me... of the importance of building a healthy and balanced relationship with food but most importantly a reminder of the importance of loving ourselves as women, our body, our souls and our minds.Thank you Marisa and Hannah for being that reminded for me.
— Maria
What an amazing night!!! I had such an amazing time! Thank you ladies that shared and I learned so much! Opened my eyes to just how much I forget about me. Given my job is so much about others, which I love, I got to be with me (& other beautiful women). I look forward to more!
— Donna

Can’t make this one? Each month we will host a party at a stunning location to connect with like-minded women over beautifully curated conversation topics. Email us at hellobeautifulhealth@gmail.com for the next date and reserve your spot ahead of time!!