5-Day Challenge To Reset your eating habits


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In this video you will:

  • Identify what it means to mindfully eat. 
  • Discover one simple step to prevent overeating. 
  • Learn why how and where you eat can be more important than what you eat. 

Your assignment for today's challenge is: 

  • Watch the Day 4 video
  • Use the Meal Time Audio Guide to slow yourself down while you eat 
  • Eat without distractions
  • Pay attention to how your food tastes and how food makes you feel within 1 hour and within 2 hours of eating it.

I would love to hear from you! What's the most important thing you are taking away from this video? Let me know in the comments below! For more incredible resources to reset your eating habits check out my blog. I can't wait to connect with you! xoxo, Marisa